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September 19, 2023

The Housing Minister gives update on placing Cap on International Students

In a recent interview by CTV, the New Housing Minister and former Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said placing a cap on international students was not a decision to be made by him but by different levels of government and partners as well as Canadian institutions.

He went further to buttress the point that his words in the previous announcement made might have been taken out of context as he is fond of responding to questions realistically.

In his words;

“Sometimes I have a bad habit of answering questions directly. Realistically, if you go back and watch the tape of my original answer, you’ll see that I indicated that it may be premature to do something like that because we need to have conversation with our partners first.”

It is not news that there is an ongoing housing crisis in Canada, however decisions have been taken on how to progressively handle the issue and these decisions do not include cutting down on the number of international students allowed into the country as it is the duty of the institutions and province these students are being admitted into to make accommodation and the necessary support available for their new intakes.

Nevertheless, it is no doubt that immigration remains one of the biggest factors of Canada’s global economy and according to the housing minister and former immigration minister, the immigration targets still stand. Update on the 2024-2026 immigration levels will be announced in November.

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