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February 26, 2024

The most affordable city in British Columbia, Canada to rent a 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre is …

Dear future neighbour,

First off, British Columbia (BC) is not generally considered one of the most affordable provinces in Canada, especially when it comes to housing costs. Cities like Vancouver, in particular, are known for their high cost of living, including expensive real estate and rental prices. The cost of living in BC, including housing, transportation, and other expenses, tends to be higher compared to other provinces in Canada.

In the city of Prince George as well as Salmon Arm, you can rent a three bedroom apartment for as low as $1,800 on the city centre. This is according to statistics available on Numbeo.com gathered from the residents of the city.

See below in descending order the full list of the cities where you can rent a 3 bedroom apartment for $2,550 or lower in the city centre in the province of BC:

  1. Maple Ridge – $2,550
  2. Courtenay – $2,500
  3. Powell River – $2,500
  4. Vernon – $2,350
  5. Penticton – $2,312
  6. Cranbrook- $ 2,269
  7. Chilliwack – $2,225
  8. Williams Lake – $1,900
  9. Prince George – $1,800
  10. Salmon Arm – $1,800

Unfortunately, accommodation affordability cannot be the only factor you consider when moving to a new city. For the next month, we will review these factors and recommend cities based on statistics to help you make an informed decision.

Did we leave out any? Would you like to ask some questions? Are you interested in studying in Canada? Need help obtaining a visitor visa to visit Canada, work permit application, Expression of Interest, creating an express entry or provincial nomination profile or even just reviewing an application you prepared yourself? Start the journey by sending an email on info@eseumohimmigration.com

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