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August 7, 2023

Service Canada Jobs with No Experience | Ontario Job Openings

Vacancies for temporary, Permanent, Deployment, Secondment, Assignment, Acting, and casual Payment Service Officer jobs for various locations across Ontario.

The applicants require no prior experience to apply apart from a secondary school diploma or equivalent and an updated résumé. Service Canada will be providing a fully paid training.

As a Payment Service Officer at one of the Service Canada offices, you will be responding to customer inquiries about one of Service Canada’s many advantages.

This is a good entry-level opportunity to begin your career in the Federal Public Service as you will have access to a multi-tiered, extensive, and fully compensated training program, whose successful completion will provide you with a grasp of the laws, policies, and processes necessary for the role.

Applications meeting the first screening standards will be chosen at random on a monthly basis after which the chosen applicants will be reached for evaluation.

Linguistic Requirements:

Various language requirements

  • English Essential
  • French Essential
  • Bilingual Imperative (English/French) Level: BBC/BBC
  • Bilingual Imperative (English/French) Level: CBC/CBC

You can try below optional self-assessment of your writing abilities in your second official language before submitting your application, in order to help you decide whether you should apply for a bilingual position or not.

Unsupervised Internet Test of Second Language Writing Skills

Education Requirements:

Secondary school diploma


a sufficient result on the PSC test, which has been recognized as a substitute to a high school diploma (GIT320)


a combination of education, training, and/or experience

Who can apply:

Individuals having a residence or work place with a postal code starting with K, L, M, N, or P.

You are suitable for this job, if you can:

  • Write and talk in a way that is understandable, suitable, and clear.
  • Act honourably and fairly and uphold moral principles, while interacting with people.
  • Work together and respectfully resolve disputes with others, to accomplish common objectives.
  • Prioritize and evaluate the facts at hand in order to find a solution or develop a complete knowledge.
  • Efficiently satisfy the demands of customers through superior service.
  • Execute tasks with the use of computer technology.

Salary: $54,878 to $61,379 (For Full-time 37.5 hours per week)

Closing Date: 29 September 2023 – 23:59, Pacific Time

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