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January 31, 2024

Ontario announces new standards for International Students

Dear Future Neighbour,

Ontario sets up new measures to better improve the quality and welfare of International Students in the province. All schools and institutions in the province are expected to make housing arrangements available for students.

This measure by the province is coming after the announcement by the IRCC Minister to set a cap on the intake of international students into Canada for each province.

For better monitoring and implementation of these measures, the following will be looked at:

1. For Universities and Colleges: The province would make sure that the programs offered to students are what employers are seeking for in the job market, this way the students have something to fall back on after graduation for sustainability.

There will be no more creation of new public-private partnerships with colleges as efforts are made to improve supervision procedures.

Also steps will be taken to ensure that the highest academic results are being attained by increasing the response rate to student outcome surveys.

It will be mandatory for all colleges and universities to provide assurances regarding the availability of accommodation choices for incoming overseas students.

2.  For Career Institutes:

To improve the oversight of vocational colleges and ensure quick responses to complaints and concerns. This includes improving data management, documentation procedures, and the effectiveness of compliance investigations. The Ontario government also intends to work alongside federal and sector partners to put an end to false recruiters that take advantage of international students and also false claims on employment and citizenship.

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