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March 28, 2024

Ontario announces International Study Permit Allocation

Dear future neighbour,

The province of Ontario announced on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 that they will be giving 96% of study permit applications to public funded universities and 4% to private universities, language schools, and other institutions in the province. Career colleges will not receive any applications.

Institutions offering skilled programs such as STEM, Skilled Trades, Health Human Resources, Childcare and Hospitality will be prioritized. French-language enrollment will also be prioritized as employers compete for employees with French-language skills.

This measure is taken by the Ontario government to provide graduate with in-demand jobs and also meet with the demand of the province’s labour market.

See below criteria that will be used to issue applications to the institutions

  • Institution must prioritize programs in the high-demand fields: skilled trades, human resources in health, STEM, hospitality, and child care.
  • an institution cannot exceed the 2023 permission levels.
  • as a last safety measure, the proportion of foreign permits cannot go above 55% of the institution’s first-year domestic enrollment in 2023 (except in high-demand sectors).

IRCC announced putting a cap on study permit applications for international students January of 2024, this cap does not include those enrolled in master’s and doctoral degree programs and those in kindergarten through grade 12.

The allocation of study permits to an individual institution for 2024 and 2025 cannot exceed the number of permits Ontario issued in 2023 and the ratio of international permits cannot exceed 55% (exclusive of high-demand areas) of the institution’s 2023 first-year domestic enrollment.

Applications for 22 out of 23 universities will remain at the 2023 level. Algoma university is the only university to witness a decrease in 2023 applications.

A total of 11 of Ontario’s 24 public colleges will also maintain applications at the 2023 level. Conestoga College and other public-private college partnerships will see a huge decline in application.

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