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February 26, 2024

Master’s Programs in Canada Offering 1-Year Duration Alongside 3-Year Work Permit

Dear future neighbour,

In line with recent reforms by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) pertaining to international students planning to pursue studies in Canada, a cap has been implemented on the annual influx of international students. Notably, this cap does not apply to master’s and doctorate-level students.

Effective February 15, 2024, students who have completed a master’s program become eligible for a three-year Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Additionally, only spouses and common-law partners of master’s, doctorate, or professional degree students are eligible to apply for a Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP).

There are many benefits attached to offering a one-year master’s program in Canada, it is cost effective and also you can graduate and get a job immediately instead of studying for another year as in the case of a two-year degree program.

See below list of universities across Canada offering one-year master’s programs for the 2024 fall intake:

  • Brock University
    • Master of Professional Accounting December 2024
  • Crandall University
    • Master of Organizational Management
  • Lakehead University
    • Master of Science in Management, Computer Science, and Business Administration
  • Laurentian University
    • Master of Forensic Science
    • Master of Engineering in Engineering Science—Fast Track
    • Forensic Science—Molecular Biology
    • Forensic Science—Chemistry/Toxicology, and
    • Business Administration
  • Nipissing University
    • Master of Arts in History: Gender History, European History, Environmental History, International History, and Canadian History
  • Ontario Tech University
    • Master of Business Analytics and AI
  • Royal Roads University
    • Master of Global Management
  • Thompson Rivers University
    • Master in Environmental Economics and Management,
    • Master of Science in Environmental Economics and Management,
    • Master of Business Administration
  • Toronto Metropolitan University
    • Master of Interior Design,
    • Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies,
    • Media Production,
    • Master of Professional Communication,
    • Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics,
    • Master of Arts in Early Childhood Studies,
    • Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance,
    • Master of Spatial Analysis, Master of Social Work, Master of Digital Media)
  • Trent University
    • Master of Management: Strategic Change Management,
    • Master of Management,
    • Master of Education in Educational Studies,
    • Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies,
    • Master of Instrumental Chemical Analysis,
    • Master of Arts in History: Colonialism and Conflict, Regional and Transnational History, European History, Canadian History, Social and Cultural History, Iberian American History,
    • Master of Arts in Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies,
    • Master of Science in Forensic Science)
  • Trinity Western University
    • Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities, English, Philosophy, and History
  • University of Alberta
    • Master of Engineering – Chemical and Materials Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering,
    • Master of Business Administration (Fast Track) – Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment, Operations and Business Analytics, Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Finance, International Business, Public Sector and Healthcare Management, Supply Chain Management,
    • Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering,
    • Master of Business Administration (Fast Track),
    • Master of Science in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences- Integrated Petroleum Geosciences, Integrated Petroleum Geosciences,
    • Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • University of Manitoba
    • Master of Finance,
    • Master of Business Administration
  • University of New Brunswick
    • Master in Quantitative Investment Management,
    • Master of Business Administration
  • University of Northern British Columbia
    • Master of Arts in Gender Studies
  • University of Ottawa
    • Master of Business Administration
  • University of Prince Edward Island
    • Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership
  • University of Regina
    • Master of Science in Computer Science (Data Science),
    • Master of Journalism
  • University of Saskatchewan
    • Master of Business Administration
  • University of Victoria – Kaplan
    • Master of Global Business,
    • Master of Arts in English,
    • Master of Arts in Economics,
    • Master of Management
  • University of Windsor
    • Master of Arts in Political Science,
    • Master of Applied Computing,
    • Master of Education
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
    • Master of International Public Policy

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