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November 29, 2023

International Students in Canada Plead for Extension of Full Time Work Policy

International Students in Canada are persuading the Canadian Government to kindly leave the extension of the working hours for students as it is and not return to the 20-hour per week working hours.

The students complained of the high cost of living and how they are unable to fend for themselves with the limited hours and how this extension has helped them greatly, the current temporary policy that allows international students full-time working hours is to end December 31, 2023. However, this is not to say things might not take a different turn.

Employers are also happy with the short development as it has drastically reduced the issue of labour shortage as they have more hands for enhanced productivity.

We intend to keep our fingers crossed in hopes that IRCC will review this policy and allow students work for the hours they desire, this will also help in increasing the tax revenue of the Canadian government. If there would be a change in this extension date, we hope that IRCC give an announcement at the end of the year before the date elapses or the beginning of 2024. Also if the date changes, foreign students coming into Canada will also benefit from this as it would also help with providing more funds for them to cater for themselves.

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