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August 25, 2023

International Students and the ongoing Canada Housing Crisis

There has been lot of speculations on the Canadian Government cutting down on the number of International Students coming into the country to study due to the ongoing housing crisis in Canada. This has been an ongoing debate and the Canadian Immigration Minister and Minister of Housing have clearly stated that cutting down on new immigrants including international students coming into the country is not the solution to this problem on the contrary the input of these immigrants are necessary in developing and building more structures.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau in a statement made on Wednesday, August 23 said they do not plan on cutting down the number of students, he says there are lot of different factors regarding the housing crisis and it has nothing to do with just international students, however the solution to this issue is working collaboratively as a country to fix the problem.

Additionally, it is no doubt that international students contribute massively to Canadian GDP in billions of dollars, the students are extraordinary and need to be well catered for by the schools.

The spokesperson for Quebec Immigration Minister, Alexandre Lahaie says Quebec does not intend to put a cap on the number of international students in its Jurisdiction as it is up to them and their educational institutons to determine the number of people they can accommodate not disputing the fact that issuing study permit is the responsibility of the government.

Canadian Universities and Colleges are of the opinion that there should be no cap to the intake of international students as there would be adverse effect to the communities. These students are however not the problem of this housing crisis but the most affected by it.

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