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October 20, 2023

International Experience Canada (IEC) 2023 set to close October 23, 2023

Dear Future Neighbour,

As the year gradually comes to an end, IEC will be sending the last round of invitations for the year 2023 next week, October 23, 2023. All invited candidates are expected to submit their profiles on or before 9am Eastern time on set day.

The IEC 2023 applications are being processed within a six-week timeframe, candidates who receive invitations to apply before the season closes or have started their work permit application can still complete and submit the application.

See below IEC 2023 Working Holiday Invitations by countries

Candidates who desire to work for multiple employers in Canada but don’t have a job offer and would prefer to engage in multiple jobs to generate money for travel to explore Canada fit into this category.

Country Total Invitations in 2023 Chances of receiving an invite next week
Andorra 27 Excellent
Australia 10,669 Excellent
Croatia 187 Excellent
Czech Republic 1,272 Excellent
Denmark 466 Excellent
Estonia 149 Excellent
Germany 6,040 Excellent
Greece 456 Excellent
Ireland 8,543 Excellent
Italy 3,264 Excellent
Korea Republic 13,503 Excellent
Luxembourg 56 Excellent
Netherlands 1,354 Excellent
New Zealand 3,056 Excellent
Norway 187 Excellent
Poland 1,080 Excellent
Portugal 1,402 Excellent
San Marino 4 Excellent
Slovenia 72 Excellent
Spain 2,848 Excellent
Sweden 564 Excellent
United Kingdom 15,573 Excellent
Austria 283 Very Low
Belgium 1,525 Very Low
Chile 7,668 Very Low
Costa Rica 2,071 Very Low
France 16,973 Very Low
Hong Kong 488 Very Low
Japan 8,355 Very Low
Latvia 79 Very Low
Lithuania 402 Very Low
Slovakia 560 Very Low
Taiwan 6,854 Very Low
Total 116,030

See below IEC 2023 Young Professional Invitations by countries

Candidates who get a job offer from a Canadian employer for advancement in their career fit into this category. This is a closed work permit, which means the candidate will only be able to work for the same company in the same location while in Canada.

Country Total Invitations in 2023 Chances of receiving an invite next week
Australia 207 Excellent
Austria 14 Excellent
Chile 585 Excellent
Costa Rica 235 Excellent
Croatia 17 Excellent
Czech Republic 307 Excellent
Estonia 19 Excellent
France 3,770 Excellent
France via Volontariat international en entreprise (VIE) 566 Excellent
Germany 608 Excellent
Greece 171 Excellent
Ireland 160 Excellent
Italy 213 Excellent
Latvia 11 Excellent
Lithuania 27 Excellent
Luxembourg 3 Excellent
Netherlands 184 Excellent
Norway 13 Excellent
Poland 93 Excellent
Portugal 46 Excellent
Slovakia 65 Excellent
Slovenia 16 Excellent
Spain 210 Excellent
Spain via ICEX Vives Not applicable Excellent
Sweden 47 Excellent
Switzerland 292 Excellent
Taiwan 177 Excellent
Total 8,056

See below IEC 2023 International Co-op Invitations by countries

For this category, employer-specific work permits are granted to post-secondary students from eligible countries who desire to do their internship in Canada.

Country Total Invitations in 2023 Chances of receiving an invite next week
Australia 1 Excellent
Austria 2 Excellent
Chile 7 Excellent
Costa Rica 2 Excellent
Croatia 0 Excellent
Czech Republic 1 Excellent
Estonia 0 Excellent
France 4,195 Excellent
Germany 124 Excellent
Greece 1 Excellent
Ireland 18 Excellent
Italy 33 Excellent
Latvia 0 Excellent
Lithuania 0 Excellent
Luxembourg 3 Excellent
Norway 0 Excellent
Poland 2 Excellent
Portugal 3 Excellent
Slovakia 0 Excellent
Slovenia 0 Excellent
Spain 5 Excellent
Sweden 16 Excellent
Switzerland 56 Excellent
Taiwan 19 Excellent
Total 4,488

A total of 128,574 work permit invitations in the three categories have been issued so far since the 2023 IEC season began in January.

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