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October 27, 2023


Dear future neighbour,

This guide will be of great benefit to you if you just landed in Canada or you are about to immigrate to Canada for more opportunities.

Living in Canada comes with an amazing experience, but what will make it more amazing is if you are working and earning in Canadian dollars while you are there.

Don’t you just love the sound of Canadian dollars? For me, I like it more when it is pronounced with a deep baritone.

Back to the conversation…

Getting a job will make living in Canada easy, it will give you opportunities to meet with amazing people whether you work remotely, hybrid or onsite, the opportunities are enormous.

But most people find it difficult to land jobs. Not because they are not great at what they do, but because they are ill prepared when it comes to communicating their experience in a way that the Canadian employer expects.

Here is a guide you can use to land a job the moment you land Canada

1. Get Ready:
Learn about your job in Canada and make sure you have the right skills- soft and hard. Skill acquisition is extremely paramount, especially for high income jobs.

2. Make a Resume:
Your resume speaks more than you can imagine. It is the reflection of your track record, excellence bar, and mindset. In order not to get it thrown into the trash, get a professional to help you prepare one and if you cannot afford to use the services of a professional, jobscan.co is a good resource.

3. Meet People:
Go to events where you can meet new friends who might help you secure a job. The world is a global village today and with the internet, you can network with anyone without having to leave the comfort of your living room sofa. Networking can never be overemphasised when you just land in a new country with different cultures. Your ability to connect with people will open doors for you.

4. Look Online:
Job sites can also be helpful in helping you find a job. Platforms like LinkedIn should be a bookmarked site for you. How many other sites do you get to see jobs and also see the exact person hiring for the roles? It helps! It has helped thousands of people land jobs, it can help you too.

5. Internship/volunteer work:
Interning is also a great way to help you land a job. You can volunteer to work with an organisation for a period of time, sometimes it is paid, other times it may not be, but in Canada, volunteer experience is good for your resume. Who knows with hard work, consistency and great networking skills, you might be retained at the same place.

6. Follow The Rules:
Following the rules will save you from so much embarrassment. Before you go job hunting, ensure you have a legal work permit.

7. Be Patient:
Be patient and consistent with the process. Yes, you might not find your dream job immediately. But you can always start with a related role while waiting for that congratulatory email.

If you have more questions to ask, kindly send an email to info@eseumohimmigration.com

Rooting for you.
Your Mummy Nextdoor.
Ese Umoh, RCIC.

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