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August 9, 2023

CBSA is hiring, and international students are welcome to apply

The Canada Border Services Agency is hiring now for 477 Student border services officers (SBSOs) for various locations across Canada, this process began on Tuesday August 8, 2023.

Student Border Services Officers (SBSOs) collaborate with BSOs in exciting, dynamic, and stimulating situations to help protect and flourish Canada.

The last date to apply is October 12, 2023, but CBSA advises interested candidates to apply early owing to the lengthy recruiting procedure. International students are eligible to apply for government student jobs, but preference is given to Canadian permanent residents or citizens.

Full-time jobs are available from late April through early September 2024. Work hours vary by location.

Part-time work may be feasible in autumn 2024 and winter 2025. SBSOs earn $16.84 to $34.59 per hour, depending on their education level.

The best thing is that SBSOs receive classroom and online instruction, as well as guidance and mentoring on the job.

See below location of Jobs for Students

SBSOs operate in Canadian cities at international airports, postal processing facilities, cruise ship operations, and telephone reporting centres.

However, they have no duty guns.

  • Alberta: Calgary (Calgary International Airport), Edmonton (Edmonton International Airport)
  • British Columbia: Richmond (Vancouver International Airport, CBSA Mail Processing Centre), Vancouver (Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal)
  • Manitoba: Winnipeg (James Armstrong Richardson International Airport)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: St. John’s (St. John’s International Airport)
  • Nova Scotia: Halifax (Stanfield International Airport)
  • Ontario: Hamilton (Hamilton International Airport and Hamilton Telephone Reporting Centre), London (London International Airport), Mississauga (International Mail Processing Centre), Ottawa (Macdonald-Cartier International Airport), Toronto (Pearson International Airport and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport)
  • Quebec: Dorval (Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport), Montréal Island (International Mail Processing Centre Léo Blanchette), Québec City (Jean Lesage International Airport)
  • Saskatchewan: Regina (Regina International Airport), Saskatoon (John G. Diefenbaker International Airport)

Eligibility Requirements

For an SBSO post, you must be a full-time student at a recognized post-secondary school.

Also, you should be returning to full-time study in September 2024 and be of majority age in the workplace province.

International students currently in Canada meeting the general eligibility requirement are eligible to apply, and this has been officially confirmed. However, preference will be given to students studying criminology, law, safety/security studies, psychology, sociology, customs and border services, or police studies, as well as Canadian citizens and permanent residents who satisfy job criteria.

Note that only if your application is randomly selected for consideration will you be contacted. If by December 2023 you do not hear from CBSA, your application will not be considered for 2024 positions

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