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March 21, 2024

British Columbia introduces 3 New BC PNP Streams for International Students

Dear future neighbour,

In a bid to improve the level of education, experience, and language abilities required for employment success in the province, come January, 2025, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program will be creating three new streams for international students.

These streams would replace the current BC PNP International Graduate and International Post-Graduate streams.

Please see below the new BC PNP Streams that would take effect from January, 2025

1. Bachelor’s Stream

The bachelor’s stream will be open to recent graduates with bachelor’s degrees from qualifying post-secondary institutions. Graduates with an undetermined full-time employment offer will be eligible to register in this stream.

2. Master’s Stream

The Master’s stream will be open to recent graduates with master’s degrees from approved postsecondary institutions in any field of study. Graduates with a minimum one-year full-time work offer in a skilled occupation will be able to benefit from this stream.

3. Doctorate Stream

The doctorate stream will be open to graduates and candidates for doctoral-level studies at qualified postsecondary institutions. Graduates and PhD candidates may apply directly to this track.

Students who complete diploma or certificate programs in Canada (who are not qualified for these new graduate streams) can still qualify for other BC Provincial Nominee Program streams.

This update is part of the new measures being put in place by the province to protect international students from fraudulent institutions and organizations as the province aims to improve the eligibility conditions for Canadian permanent residency candidacy through the BC provincial nominee program.. The changes made by BC PNP includes:

  • a new three-stream system for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral graduates,
  • Enhanced language requirements, and
  • Priority of in-demand employment that assists the economy in British Columbia

The new graduate streams will require at least a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 8 proficiency.

The B.C. PNP aims to identify people who will boost B.C.’s economy by prioritizing workers in health care, construction, early childhood education, and other in-demand jobs. More information on this update will be announced later this year.

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