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January 31, 2024

British Columbia announces new standards for International Students

Dear Future Neighbour,

In a bid to put a stop to exploitative exercises, improve the welfare and regulate the affairs of International students in British Columbia, the province announced measures to be taken on Monday, January 29, 2024.

This action is coming days after the IRCC Minister announced a cap for the intake of International students allowed into Canada in 2024.

These new measures by British Columbia will ensure that international students are given proper attention and the right facilities are put in place during their stay in Canada.

See below measures taken by British Columbia:

1. Temporary ban on expansion of institutions offering foreign education: A two-year ban to last till February 2026 has been put in place for new education quality assurance certification.

2. Enhanced Compliance and Enforcement: More inspections will be carried out by the province to make sure that institutions are keeping up with the standards set and giving the students the necessary support required. The institution must also make sure that the students obtain quality education, all private degree programs must meet the approval requirements. Also as part of the standards, the quality of education must be what is required in the labour market so that the students are efficient after graduation.

3. Higher Standards for Private Degree Programs: changes have been made to the requirements for the institutions granting private- degree programs. The examinations have been made tougher and the general procedure complex.

4. New Language Requirements for Private Institutions: Language training for students to better equip them for their professional journey while in British Columbia.

5. Tuition Transparency: Public institutions will have to publicize their tuition fee so that students know what it is expected of them before commencement of the degree.

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