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June 13, 2024

Avoid this mistake if you are a student/worker in Canada

Dear future neighbour,

Are you a student, a worker, or even a visitor in Canada? Are you working towards obtaining a permanent resident status? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this article is for YOU.

Whatever you do in any of the above categories, you must ensure that you do not make the mistake of falling out of status in Canada, which means you should be very careful to make sure that your study permit, work permit, or visitor visa does not expire; in addition, it is crucial that you do not engage in any activity that could jeopardize your status, such as failing to obey the conditions of your visa.

Many temporary residents tend to forget that their temporary status is not permanent. In this article, we want to remind you that if you fail to obey the conditions of your visa or disobey Canadian immigration law, it can result in you becoming inadmissible for permanent residence in Canada.

See below list of things that can make you inadmissible for PR in Canada: 

1. Overstaying on a Visitor Visa

2. Working beyond the allowed limit on your study permit

3. Getting out of status for any reason and continuing to stay in Canada

Do you need help applying for a PGWP require assistance with securing a visitor visa for Canada, seeking professional aid in submitting a study visa or work permit application, crafting an Expression of Interest, setting up an express entry or provincial nomination profile, preparing your application post receiving an invitation to apply, or simply reviewing your self-prepared application? Schedule a consultation or reach out via email at info@eseumohimmigration.com

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