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June 13, 2019

7 Tips To Land A Job From Outside Canada

Getting a job from outside canada can be very difficult to be sincere but its not impossible, with dedication, cosnbistenct and good research you can get a job from outside canada especially if your occupation is high in demand. You will need to get a conmpany that has LMIA and wiiling to sponsor you and most companies will only do that occupationa that are truly hard to fill. The below 5 steps will prepare you for opportunities;


1. Get your resume to canadian standard;

Ensure that your resume positions you well for the next phase as this is what will stand you out to even be considered, some details like marital status, age, religion are not required instead focus on your skills, certifications and why you.
If you are not sure if you resume is in the right standard, purchase our webinar replay and it will guide you step by stepmon how to get a perfect CV.Buy Here

2, Get on Linkedin and ensure your profile is optimized;
Linkedin is a great tooln for job search and most employers go on linkedin to find skills so ensure your profile has all your information and attach your resume and set job notifications and keep applyingas much as you can, you can also reach our to people in your field in canada and ask for guide on what you can do to be best posositioned for opportunity, be startegic about this and not bombard people, when staring a conversion, step in with value add or ask for guidiance.

3. Explore job boards and portals;
There are so many job boards you can explore below are a few list, get on them and create a profile and keep applying like your life depends on it;
1. Indeed.com
2. Jobbank.com
3. Linkedin.com
You can also narrow your search by job banks on province, follow us on IG to explore more information on job banks by province: follow here

4. Contact employers directly through the Internet

The Internet is a major source of job opportunities. You can search for Canadian companies that are looking for a potential candidate like you.
Look for companies that are offering job positions related to your qualifications. You can send them an email about your interest in working with them and why. Ensure you prepare a startegic job cover letter or resume to create a good impression.

5. Apply through international recruitment agencies

There are international recruitment agencies that get skilled workers for companies abroad. Look for these agencies and ensure they are legit.
Do not restrict your application to only one agency. Visit as many agencies as possible, if you really want to increase your chances of obtaining a job offer. Some agencies charge a services fee but be careful not to fall for scarmmers or get fake job offers. Check the job offer, check the company on linkedin and thier website and ensure you are in direct contact with the company.

6. Be well Prepared for the Interview;
When you get a chnace for an interview be transparent as possible, loud your skills with relevant examples and experience. Read about the company and ensure how you speak resonates with the companyt values. Finally be confident in your self and your skills.

7. Trust God and be hopeful; It can be very difficult, rejections would come but stay focused and keep trying, if you have the faith and you are consistent, It will happen when you least expect it.

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