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April 16, 2024

Canada Commences New Work Permit Innovation Stream Pilot

Dear future neighbour,

On Monday, April 15, 2024, IRCC announced a new 2-year innovation stream pilot via the Global Hypergrowth project . With this new innovation, specific Canadian companies can now employ foreign workers on work permit without Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The global hypergrowth project is a service put up by the Canadian government to help businesses in Canada develop faster

The family members of these foreign workers will also be eligible to work for almost any employer in Canada.

The Innovation Stream is scheduled to continue for two years, ending on March 22, 2026.

See below the Eligibility Requirements for the Innovation Stream Pilot

To apply for a work permit under the Innovation Stream Pilot:

1. Foreign nationals inside or outside Canada need a job offer from one of the eligible employers under the Global Hypergrowth Project.

2. Applicants need to fill out their work permit application using the IRCC Secure Account.

3. The job offer must fall under a TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3 occupation as per the National Occupational Classification.

4. Offered wages by the company must be equal to or higher than the median hourly wages set for the region. Also, if the position is covered by a bargaining agreement the wage offered must meet the standards outlined in that agreement. The job offer should state that the employer will review wages on the first day of work and annually by January 1 to ensure they remain competitive throughout employment.

5. Immigration officers must be satisfied that applicants have the skills, for the job they are applying for. Applicants must meet the education and experience requirements specified in the National Occupational Classification for their offered occupation.

See below full list of Companies in Canada Eligible To Hire Through Innovation Stream

Presently, only eight companies are eligible to hire foreign nationals (inside or outside Canada) without needing an LMIA via the Innovation Stream:

1. Ada Support Inc.

2. AlayaCare

3. CellCarta

4. Clarius Mobile Health

5. Clio

6. Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group (DPG)

7. Lightspeed Commerce

8. Vive Crop Protection

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