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April 16, 2024

10 Tips to help you land your first job in Canada

Dear future neighbour,

Is it tough finding a job in Canada? What were the things that helped you get a foot in the door?

See below tips that can help you land your dream job in Canada:

1. Find a way to offer value before requesting for help. This is an important principle with networking, it cannot be a parasitic relationship.

2. Volunteer to gain Canadian work experience and where possible, do a bridging program.

3. If you need to, get further education.

4. Do your research, your experience may work with different job titles than you were used to back home.

5. Tailor each resume and cover letter you send to the specific job and use a Canadian template.

6. Use settlement agencies, mentorship platforms, networking events and request coffee chats with professionals to grow your network. The more people you meet, the higher your chances of landing your dream job, worst case, they won’t respond, but networking will connect you to the hidden job market.

7. Before your interview, learn about the company and its culture.

8. Prepare an elevator pitch and master it by sharing it often to define the value you can bring to a potential employer.

9. If necessary, don’t be afraid to take a transition job.

10. Upskill until you land your dream job.

It is important to note that these tips are not one size fits all, so what works for Mr A might not necessarily work for B but we are pretty sure this could help you achieve your goal if you choose to follow some or even all of these steps.

Has any of the above tips worked for you? Do you have any that you have tried and tested that isn’t on the list? Please share.

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