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April 29, 2024

Dear future neighbour,

Calgary has a strong economy and job market, supported by the agriculture, energy and technology industries. It’s a great and welcoming place to live for newcomers.

Based on moneysense.ca’s findings, the following list outlines the top 10 locations for real estate investment in Calgary, Alberta. This ranking considers factors such as long-term price appreciation over the past five years, property value, income and education levels, as well as accessibility by foot, bike, and public transit.

1. Patterson, SW

2. Coach hill, SW

3. Cougar Ridge, SW

4. Tuscany, NW

5. Scenic Acres, NW

6. Christie Park, SW

7. Strathcona Park, SW

8. Signal hill, SW

9. West Springs, SW

10. Kincora, SW

Do you agree with the list above? Are there any neighborhood that you think should be on this list? Please share with us.

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